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nautilus trove

Start Earning Yield Returns During ICO All presale token holders are immediately eligible to receive DeFi yield returns from the Nautilus Trove at no additional cost. Earnings are paid out weekly and airdropped to eligible wallets with no extra steps needed.
Powerful Strategies By Industry Leaders Octoblock harnesses the power and security of Beefy Finance to provide intelligent yield farming solutions. With a vast selection of stablecoins, bluechip tokens and tier one exchanges, The Nautilus Trove has no shortage of liquidity provision options to maximize returns for Octoblock holders.
Easy For Beginners, Potent For Experts The Nautilus Trove offers users of any experience level the ability to participate in next-generation crowd funded yield farming (cFyF). Dubbed as “DeFi 2.0’ by crypto enthusiasts, Octoblock joins an evolving industry as a potential catalyst for mass adoption. Users need only to hold OCTO tokens within their non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet to begin earning immediately.

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Coral Cove DEX

Exploring New Blockchains Has Never Been Easier

Octoblock redefines blockchain interoperability by integrating advanced cross-chain routing protocols, making asset management straightforward and user-friendly. Say goodbye to complex bridges, high gas fees, and centralized exchanges. Experience the benefits of Octoblock's Coral Cove DEX for streamlined and efficient blockchain transactions.

20+ Supported Blockchains

100+ Supported Tokens

Gas Fee Optimization

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Dive into the future with Octoblock as we launch an exhilarating giveaway exclusively for our presale participants! Every Octoblock token you add to your holdings not only brings you closer to the forefront of blockchain innovation but also serves as your golden ticket to an amazing prize draw.

Just one week after the Octoblock token bursts onto the scene, we're keeping the adrenaline pumping with a chance to win jaw-dropping rewards. Imagine being the lucky owner of a sleek 2024 Tesla Model 3 or enriching your digital wallet with a whopping $50,000 in USDT - the choice is yours!


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